An online murder mystery with live actors

Examine the crime scene, interview the suspects, solve the murder

A small dinner party in a sleepy suburban home, five guests, plenty of wine, good conversation! What could possibly go wrong?

Yet when morning comes around a body is discovered in the house!

You must now solve the crime by examining the crime scene, interviewing the suspects and piecing together the evidence.


An online escape room like no other

In order to give this the most realistic feel possible, our artist drew a full city block to explore. Explore the alley-ways, set up a surveillance post on the bank, find a way in (that avoids the front door) and work your way through the offices to get to the vault.

Explore a selection of scenery screen shots below:


Puzzles and games to challenge you

We are true escape room enthusiasts, traveling to conquer physical rooms and, more recently, searching for the best hosted, non-hosted, live actor and interactive games.  We have selected the puzzles and games that we have enjoyed, created some of our own and mixed them up to give you the best experience. We have even hidden the odd Easter Egg!

Explore a selection of puzzle and game screen shots below:


While this adventure mostly works like a traditional escape room, we have created it as a “large format Escape Room”. This means that the game is much larger in its scenery and storyline than other virtual games. The difference this means is that there is no set deadline – simply a league table of teams.

  • One price per game - not per player

    One purchase then invite the rest of your team

  • Play up to ten devices at the same time

    Up to ten friends can collaborate in one go

  • Integrated video and chat system

    No downloads or external conference platform

  • Large format game

    Take as long as you want to explore

  • Stunning, realistic scenery

    Like being on a cruise!

  • Fun and challenging

    Wide selection of puzzles, tasks and games


What is an Online Escape Room?

An online escape room (or virtual escape room) is very much the same as a physical escape room.  You will begin with being in a situation (usually trapped somewhere) with up to 10 team mates. Over the period of the game, your team must collaborate with each other, prioritize tasks and discovery and work out the quickest way to “escape” the situation you are in.

In our games, there are built in video and chat functions so all of you team can communicate and join forces – no matter where you are.

Sometimes you are working against the clock to get out on time.  Depending on the game you choose, you may just be timed (without a deadline).

This game “The Bank Vault” is the latter – you will be timed but there is no deadline as such.  Some of the other games we currently have in development are the opposite.

We can also customize your own game – usually for corporate groups where they would brand the game (and even design the story) and put their conference guests through their paces.  Send us a message if this is something you are thinking about and we can have a chat.