Online escape rooms like no other

Enter our imagination!

We specialise in large format, beautifully 3d rendered, online escape rooms.

Choose from one of our un-hosting, play -anytime games, a fully hosted tournament for larger groups, or a hosted, live actor game.

If you still can’t find what you are looking for, we take commissions and create completely custom games too!

Choose your non-hosted game

Escape a drifting cruise liner, where everyone has disappeared.  Explore your stateroom, Atrium, Lido Deck, bars and the bridge.
Your bank is being robbed and your specialist team are tasked with covertly gaining access to the bank, disabling the traps and stopping the crime.


While deep diving on a wreck of a cold-war era submarine, your gear malfunctions and you take shelter inside the sub. Now you must escape, not only from the sub itself but to the surface.


Start in separate cells and work together to escape a jail where the world has left you to rot. Escape the cell, sneak past the guards and find a way beyond the wall.


What is an Online Escape Room?

An online escape room (or virtual escape room) is very much the same as a physical escape room.  You will begin with being in a situation (usually trapped somewhere) with up to 10 team mates. Over the period of the game, your team must collaborate with each other, prioritize tasks and discovery and work out the quickest way to “escape” the situation you are in.

In our games, there are built in video and chat functions so all of you team can communicate and join forces – no matter where you are.

Sometimes you are working against the clock to get out on time.  Depending on the game you choose, you may just be timed (without a deadline).

We can also customize your own game – usually for corporate groups where they would brand the game (and even design the story) and put their conference guests through their paces.  Send us a message if this is something you are thinking about and we can have a chat.